SVL valve housings

SVL multifunction valve body, made from low-temperature resistant cast steel and suitable for a maximum working pressure of 52 bar, is welded or soldered into the pipes to create a fully hermetic coupling. The valve body will never have to be replaced, because it does not suffer any wear. All products in the SVL platform can be used with all commonly used refrigerants incl. HFC and HCFCs.
The backbone of the SVL platform is the common valve housing, which is available in angleway or straightway execution.
The complete top parts offer five different functions: Stop valves SVA-S and SVA-L, Regulating valves REG-SA and REG-SB, Stop/Check valves SCA-X, Check valves CHV-X and Filters FIA. All five complete top parts fit the same housing and they all have the same high specification making selection, system design and mounting simple and trouble free.
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